Budget Planner 2 installation has been tested on Microsoft Vista and Windows 7.  Budget Planner 2  does not run on Mac or Unix systems.  Be sure to log on to your PC as an administrator before attempting to install Budget Planner 2

Budget Planner 2 installation requires Microsoft Windows Installer version 3.1 or greater.  Budget Planner 2 uses the Microsoft Dot Net Framework version 3.5.  The Budget Planner 2 User Manual is provided as a .pdf file, which requires Adobe Reader.  You may need to install one or more of these programs before you install Budget Planner 2

You may already have all three of these programs installed.  If you don't have Windows Installer 3.1 (or greater) or the Dot Net Framework 3.5, the Budget Planner 2 installation may have problems, or fail.  In that case, you should download and install the Windows Installer 3.1 and/or the Dot Net Framework 3.5.   Most people have the Adobe Reader.  If you don't, you should download and install it also.  The following links will assist you.

Windows Installer V3.1
Dot Net Framework 3.5
Adobe Reader
The download is a self-extracting .zip file.  We suggest that you create a folder on your PC for the AMSCOT LLP Budget Planner 2 install files, and save the download file to that folder.  If a version of Budget Planner 2 is already installed, remove it using the Control Panel.  After the file has completed downloading,  open the folder and open/run BPInstallFiles.exe.  After unpacking the .zip file, you should read the ReadMe.txt file.   To start the installation, open/run Setup.exe.

Download Budget Planner